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About Tall Man Toys & Comics

So why are we called Tall Man?? 

Had this question today and I thought I would share the answer: 

TALL- We do local respectable conventions in about a 3 hour radius of Knoxville, at one of these shows we had a youngster use HIS OWN money to buy a Funko Pop! I overheard him taking to his parents and they asked where he got it, his response: ‘from that tall guy over there’ Since several of us are over 6 foot tall man was born.


MAN- We horribly discriminate towards kids and always give them great deals because, honestly, Toy Conventions are for the kids. We have several child charities we support, child friendly events, and a kids card club being announced soon. So we pride ourselves on being Men and not just guys 




Mike Hermann:

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Tall man toys & Comics

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