About Us

Why are we called Tall Man?

Tall - We do local respectable conventions in about a 3 hour radius of Knoxville, at one of these shows we had a youngster use HIS OWN money to buy a Funko Pop! I overheard him taking to his parents and they asked where he got it, his response: ‘from that tall guy over there’ Since several team members measure over 6 feet in height, "Tall Man" was born.

Man - Honestly, Toy Conventions are for the kids first. Because we believe this, we always work to give them great deals. We have several children's charities and child friendly events we support such as Pops! for Patients. Serving children is something we pride ourselves on and helps make us Men and not just guys.

Where is Tall Man Toys and Comics located?

Tall Man Toys and Comics is located in downtown Knoxville at the World's Fair Park on the first floor of the historic Candy Factory. We have over 10,000 Funko Pops! available in store and online to add to your Funko collection. Come see us today at:

1060 Worlds Fair Park Drive, Suite 104
Knoxville, TN 37916

What are Tall Man Toys and Comics store hours?

We're here for the Knoxville Funko collector and comic book fans! Regular store hours are (excluding select holidays): 

Monday - 11a - 7p
Tuesday- 11a - 7p
Wednesday - 11a - 7p
Thursday - 11a - 7p
Friday - 11a - 7p
Saturday - 10a - 8p
Sunday - 10a - 8p

Our Pledge

Whether its children or adults, we strive to maintain the best customer service in the nation and it is why people drive from all over the United States to browse our 10,000 Funko Pops! in store.